Marketing & Distribution


Our goal is simple, deliver the highest quality medicines

when and where our patients need them – at an affordable price. We operate the largest fully integrated distribution and delivery network in the pharmaceutical market and operate branches in 13 major large cities and deliver our products to other 8 cities through other distribution channels. Bio International Pharma Ltd addresses the specific needs of our customers through precise planning at all levels of the distribution system and supply process. And we carefully manage the delivery, shipping, transportation, storage and warehouses with all high standards requirements which meet the national and international standards to make sure the medicines most crucial to patients are always available.

Marketing and Promotional Practices

Bio International Pharma Ltd, including all its directors, executives, employees and subsidiary and affiliated sectors, always strives to be a positive corporate citizen, offering healthcare solutions that enable people to feel better and live better days. We engage in marketing and promotional practices to ensure healthcare systems, healthcare professionals and patients are aware of our medicines and can access them through the relevant channels as part of a prescribed treatment program. At all times, we operate within laws and defined principles governing marketing and promotion of pharmaceutical products and ensure our teams are trained and committed to not only compliant but also ethical, honest and fair practices. We educate, inform and discuss marketing issues with employees to ensure all those with roles affected by our position on marketing practices are aware of our expectations and their responsibilities.


Healthcare for all:

We believe all individuals should have access to high-quality healthcare. Within the constraints of the law, we wish to ensure prescribers, payers and patients are aware of the possible treatment solutions available to them by providing factual and accurate information about our medicines.


Honest, complete and accurate communications:

 We always represent our products as truthfully and effectively as possible so individuals can make informed decisions. Accuracy of communications about our products is paramount.


Adhering to locally defined principles:

 We recognize our position as part of the local community of pharmaceutical and healthcare players and adhere to the principles established by the country's different authorities governing marketing and promotional practices.

Marketing & Distribution

Promotional material: Promotional materials include any items for advertising or communication purposes of any nature within the ethical code of conduct including all forms of communications via any channels that mention or highlight our product or brands. In all cases, materials will be relevant, appropriate, science-based and consistent with regulatory guidelines. Promotional materials undergo detailed review and explicit approval by medical, legal and regulatory teams at the company prior to use.
Relationship with healthcare professionals: All our dealings with healthcare professionals and organizations are conducted under the strictest ethical guidelines and adhere to regulations and principles governing marketing and promotional practices. Similarly, we operate according to transparent and ethical principles in all our dealings with patient organizations.
Training and education: We maintain regular training and educational programs for our employees so they can stay up to date with necessary scientific, medical and regulatory information relating to our products. Such information determines how products may be communicated in our markets to provide our healthcare communities with all relevant information while upholding the principles of responsible marketing.

Supply Chain

We expect the highest ethical standards throughout our supply chain, as a distributor we deliver and provide safe and quality medicines to patients every day starting from importing, shipping, transportation, storage to distributing adopting the safest and high standards of equipment, technology, software, facilities, logistics and vehicles. Delivering products are subjected to European quality standards and by applying the highest standards for health facilities and institutions, achieving all the conditions, procedures and control regulations of the WHO from shipping, transport, storage and distribution in a completely secure method, this is to ensure the commitment of our company to maintain the full effectiveness of the product.

Fact Sheet

The growth of our company is a fact, our management and sales data for the last five years has revalued our company in the current market. Thanks to our independence and agility business model and day-to-day operations. We were able to distinguish the company in its industry.


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